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►...October is College and Career Month...10/20 SSC/ELAC Meeting at 2:40pm...EQ Drill 10/21...10/22 Student Council Election...Covid testing at school on Fridays....►Contact us at mayallacademy2@gmail.com◄☺☺☺


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10/5/21 at 8:30am

10/19/21 at 3pm

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 ENGLISH                            SPANISH 

Kindergarten: Room 3 -  Ms. Kurian

                                 Room 4 - Ms. Ventura

                                 Room 28 - Mrs. Kim

1st Grade: Room 11 - Mrs. Norton, Room 12 - Ms. Gilson, Room 13 - Miss Hemm

2nd Grade: Room 20 - Ms. Hernandez

                      Room 21 - Ms. Eskenazi                                                   

3rd Grade: Room 22 - Ms. Coleman

                     Room 24 - Mrs. Marne

                     Room 29 - Ms. East

4th Grade: Room 26 - Ms. Parasher

                     Room 32 - Mr. DeGuzman

                     Room 33 - Mrs. Spire

5th Grade: Room 30 - Mrs. Kim

                    Room 31 - Mr. Banuelos

DHH: Room 1 - Mrs. Onaga

             Room 2 - Mrs. Bliven 

             Room 10 - Mrs. Gardner 


For questions or information, please contact Rose Udicki, APEIS, or Patricia Villatoro, Office Tech, at (818) 363-5068 or at mayallacademy2@gmail.com.  Click on the links below for information.

The IEP and You

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Services (English)

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Services (Spanish)



October 15, 2021


Dear Mustang Families,

This is Linda Kim, Principal of Mayall Academy. I have several messages coming to you by phone and email.


Our virtual SSC/ELAC meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10/20 at 2:40pm. Here is the Zoom ID: 826 4948 9377 All parents are welcome to join the meeting.


We are holding the district-wide earthquake drill on Thursday, 10/21 at 9:00am. We will not be able to open the gate for our parents between 9:00am and 9:30am since our office staff is also participating in the drill. Thank you for your understanding.


The student council election will be held on Friday, 10/22. All K-5 students will have a chance to vote. We look forward to seeing our new student leaders in action bringing fun activities to our student body. 


PTA is selling Halloween Grams until October 22nd. Please send the form and money to the school.


Thank you so much for your support and have a safe weekend!


For more information, please check our website at mayallstes.lausd.net and Class Dojo.


Our Community Support:

A huge "Thank You" to our school sponsors...Trader Joe's, Dunn Edwards, Target, and Ralphs...for your continued support of

Mayall Academy!

–♦ Go Mustangs ♦– 


Linda Kim

Assistant Principal:

Rose Udicki

School Administrative Assistant;

Kathy Tran

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