Mayall Academy of Arts and Technology Magnet

Family Monthly Art Project


November 2, 2017


Dear Mayall Families,


We began our Family Monthly Art Project in September. The purpose of the Family Monthly Art Project is to involve families in their child’s education and encourage families to work together creatively at home.  We hope this activity will be an avenue for quality together time for our Mayall families and create lasting memories.   Instructions and suggestions will be sent home at the beginning of the month.  Projects will be displayed at school when received.   Projects are optional but we encourage everyone to participate.


The theme for November is Life Science.  Your art can include any kind of plant, animal, or anything else in nature.  This is the third unit topic in our new Language Arts Benchmark Program.  You can use photographs, magazine cut outs, drawings, crayons, paints, markers, stickers, or any other medium to create your artwork.  You can look for ideas on Pinterest or do a google search for ideas.  You could use ideas from stories or discussions from the Benchmark program.  For example, you could cut out various magazine pictures of characters and glue them together to make a collage.  Please remember to be respectful since all work will be displayed schoolwide.  Projects should be no larger than poster size (18x24) and no edible or perishable items (example:  M&M’s, jelly beans, etc,...)  Have fun, be creative, and enjoy your family time.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Riewthong in the office at (818) 363-5058 or  All projects will be due on November 30th in the school office..


Happy creation!