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Health & Wellness Policy




Mayall Academy is part of the LAUSD Healthy School Network. We recognize the connection between academic achievement and good nutrition as demonstrated by being a leader in providing a school environment that promotes healthy eating habits. Well-nourished children have a better opportunity to achieve academic success.


Because of our commitment to teaching students about healthy lifestyles, and due to the growing number of food allergies at our school, we will no longer be celebrating students’ birthdays and classroom parties with unhealthy food or treats, such as pizza, chips, cupcakes, cookies, juices, candies, etc.


If you wish to bring a treat for the class for your child’s birthday, please contact your teacher to prearrange a five minute time period during recess, lunch, or before dismissal to share a treat. Check with the teacher regarding any known allergies.


Snack items should be approximately 200 calories, low in sodium(230 mg), low in fat (less than 35% of the calories), and low in sugar (less than 35% of the item’s calories). Avoid processed foods, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose syrup and sugar. The following is a list of suggested items:


- raw vegetable sticks or slices with low fat dressing or yogurt dip

- fresh fruits, dried fruits, trail mix

- unsalted pretzels

- dark chocolate dipped fruit

- popcorn

- string cheese

- pita/bagel chips and hummus


Consider sending the treats that are non-food items, such as pencils, trinkets, small books, markers, etc.



Thank you for supporting our efforts as we educate our students to make healthy choices.